Proprietary bio-information sensing and voluminous clinical data realize accurate measurement

Bio-info sensing the source of trust from the medical community

In developing new technologies, our most important task is to accurately assess the needs of medical professionals, and respond to them in the form of practical devices that enable easy and accurate measurement of bio-information. In this way, we have developed innovative technologies and products that contribute to the establishment of new diagnostic criteria and treatments. What makes this possible is our core competency in bio-information sensing as well as the development of highly precise algorithms that are fine-tuned via joint clinical tests with medical institutions. Many of our blood pressure monitors used worldwide have met the standards of measurement accuracy from ESH (European Society of Hypertension), BHS (British Hypertension Society) and AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) and have also received recommendations from dabl (dabl Educational Trust) and other valuation organizations, earning Omron recognition as a trustworthy brand.

Milestones in Product Developments

Year Key product developed Remarks
1972 MC-320 professional-use electric thermometer First professional-use thermometer
1973 HEM-1 digital blood pressure monitor (BPM) First BPM
1979 BP-203 blood pressure monitoring system with oscillometric method Japan's first use of oscillometric method
1980 MC-20 home-use electric thermometer First home-use thermometer with digital LCD display
1985 BP-308 blood pressure monitoring system with ECG monitor World's first patient monitor with ECG
1988 CBM-3000 non-invasive vital signs monitor World's first patient monitor using tonometry method
1991 HEM-706 fuzzy logic automatic digital BPM World's first fuzzy logic-based inflation control
1992 MC-500 professional-use ear thermometer Japan's first ear thermometer
1995 HBF-300 body fat monitor First home-use handheld fat monitor
1996 Tasche HJ-110 free-style pocket pedometer Accelerometer and angle detection sensors make it possible to count steps with the device in a pocket or bag, not clipped at the waist
1997 BP-88 blood pressure monitoring system World's first timely detection of changes in cardiovascular dynamics
1999 form BP-203RPE non-invasive vascular screening device World's first oscillometric monitor for Simultaneous meaVelocity) and ABI (Ankle Brachial Index) to determine stiff or clogged arteries
2002 HEM-637IT wrist blood pressure monitor Japan's first wrist BPM with advanced positioning sensor
2005 HCG-801 portable ECG monitor Easy-to-use personal ECG recorder
HEM-9000AI blood pressure monitor with augmentation index Development of central aortic blood pressure estimation technology contributes to next-generation hypertension treatment
2007 Active Style Pro HJA-350IT activity monitor Accurate measurement of various daily activities with newly developed algorithm
2009 HEM-4500-SOL upper-arm blood pressure monitor Japan's first solar-charging BPM
HEM-7250IT automatic BPM, HJ-205IT pedometer, and HBF-208IT body composition monitor Communications-enabled devices for use with WellnessLINK health management service
2011 DUALSCAN HDS-2000 visceral fat analyzer World's first professional-use visceral fat analyzer using impedance analysis method, capable of safe, easy, and accurate estimation of visceral fat area
HBP-1600 Spot Check Vital Signs Monitor Japan's first patient monitor with automatic transfer of blood pressure, temperature, and other vital signs into electronic health records
2012 Sleepmeter HSL-101 and SleepDesign Lite HSL-001 Sleep checkers to measure and analyze sleep state, duration, etc., to help improve quality of sleep
HEM-7251G automatic blood pressure monitor 3G-enabled BPM for use with MedicalLINK high blood pressure management service
HEM-6310F automatic blood pressure monitor The slimmest and lightest wrist BPM designed for quiet measurement
HBF-252F body composition monitor Built-in automatic recognition function makes instant measurement possible simply by stepping on the unit